Should Dentures Be Repaired At Home?

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The average lifespan of modern dentures is approximately 10 years. Just like natural teeth, even with the best care dentures can wear down and may break. Unlike natural teeth, dentures are quite fragile and can break easily. Many people will want to try and repair their dentures themselves, but is this a good idea?

Why would your dentures break?

How fragile your dentures are depends on the material they are made from. Cheaper materials tend to break easily, whereas the more expensive dentures will be made from stronger, robust materials that should last longer. But accidents can still happen and your mouth will be continually changing as you age.

The causes of your dentures breaking or bending out of shape include the following:

Or you may need your partial dentures changing if your remaining teeth move or need to be extracted.

Why you shouldn't wear broken dentures

Don't be tempted to ignore your broken dentures and wear them anyway. If something has snapped off, it may leave a sharp edge. Similarly, cracked dentures will not fit well and will become difficult to keep clean, allowing bacteria to grow and spread, increasing the risk of infection.

But your dentures help you to eat and smile with confidence. So of course you will want them fixed as quickly as possible.

How to repair your dentures

Dentures should not be repaired at home using home repair kits or your own tools. If you try to do this,

Instead, take them to your dentist or an emergency denture repair company. Bring every piece of the dentures, even if you believe they are damaged beyond repair.

Depending on the fault, broken dentures are often simple to repair for a professional.

Broken dentures need not cause worry. Simply take all of the pieces to your dentist or an emergency repair clinic, such as Denture Doctor, and you'll soon be smiling again.