Fear of the Dentist

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The reasons for being afraid of the dentist vary for different people. It is sometimes the thought that any treatment will hurt, or that the sounds and smells bring back memories of experiences during childhood that would rather be forgotten.

The good news is that nowadays, dentists understand people's fear, and with a combination of gentleness and kindness, dentist's can deliver dental treatment without any stress at all.

Dental Advances

If you have not visited a dentist for several years due to fear, you can rest assured that dentistry has greatly improved. Dental surgeries are much friendlier nowadays, with art on the walls, flowers in the waiting room, well-mannered staff, and pleasant reception areas.

There is still of course the smells and sounds that any dental surgery will have. However, they are less noticeable than before, because instruments are hidden from sight and background music is almost always playing. Dental drills are not even as noisy as they used to be.

Dentistry has been improved due to advances in technology. Some dentists now even use a pen to numb the area, which gives the anaesthetic very slowly without the pain.

Tips to Ease Dental Fear

There are also NHS sedation clinics available for extremely nervous patients these days. If your dentist feels that your case is strong enough, he may well refer you to one of these clinics to carry out your treatment. For more information on preparing for a trip to the dentist, contact a practice like Belconnen Dental Centre.