3 Ways to Add Fluoride to Your Family's Dental Routine

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Studies from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that more than 60 percent of 9 year olds have tooth decay issues that have led to tooth loss or the need for dental work such as extractions and fillings. Fluoride, or lack there of, is linked to this growing issue that dentists see in children and adults. If you are having issues with fluoride and tooth decay in your family, here are a few ways to add more fluoride to your dental routine. The key consideration with these methods is that they all go through the consultation and approval of your dentist.

Dental Fluoride Treatments

One of the leading ways, and likely ideal ways, to add fluoride to your family's dental routine is to visit your dentist. Dentists have a variety of methods and fluoride treatments that can help build fluoride in your routine and possibly reduce tooth decay.

Some of these treatments are done in the office, like applying a fluoride gel to the teeth. There are also other treatments they can prescribe, such as fluoride toothpastes and mouth rinses. If the tooth decay issues are severe, your dentist may suggest on-going office treatments as well as a home-based routine.

Over the Counter Treatments

Another way you can add fluoride to your families dental routine is through over the counter treatments. Most of these treatments are toothpaste that has additional fluoride amounts mixed in. You can use these pastes daily or as directed by your dentist. You can also find gels and rinses that have an additional fluoride boost as well.

Each of the over the counter treatments is different with some directing you to use them daily while others are weekly or even monthly. For this reason, you should ensure you are reading the directions properly and asking your dentist if you have any discomfort or issues while using them.

Keep in mind these over the counter treatments differ from prescriptions from your dentist because of the strength or ingredients. For example, a prescription will have a higher dosage that requires a medical professionals approval or a controlled-substance ingredient that must be monitored through medical prescriptions.

Dietary Supplements

Another way you can add more fluoride to your family's dental routine is to use supplements. You can find these in many forms including tablets, capsules and even lozenges. The key point to keep in mind with these supplements is that they are only available through a prescription and should be taken according to the specific directions and amounts given by your dental professional. These are usually used in cases where in-office treatments and home-based, over the counter options are not enough.

Contact a dentist from a clinic like Comprehensive Dental Care if you have specific questions about your oral health care routine.