Why Don't Your Dentures Fit Anymore?

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Although your dentures may have fit perfectly when you had them made, they may not fit so well over time. This typically isn't down to a problem with the dentures themselves, and is more likely to be due to changes in your mouth. If your dentures no longer feel snug, slip around or make your mouth sore because they don't fit right, you should investigate ways to make them fit better.

How Your Gums Affect Denture Fit

The shape of your mouth changes after you've had teeth taken out. This particularly affects your gums and bones, which usually shrink back once teeth are removed. This doesn't happen immediately, and changes may happen slowly over time. After a while, dentures that fitted snugly to start with may start to feel loose as your gums and bones settle into their new positions.

How to Make Dentures Fit Better

Some denture users will use adhesives to make their dentures more secure; however, this may not be a good long-term solution. If your dentures no longer fit your gums, they may come loose when you talk or eat, and they may rub inside your mouth causing sores and discomfort.

According to Today's Dentistry, dentures don't last forever and need some maintenance during their lifespan to compensate for changes in your mouth. For example, the website states that dentures typically last for around 10 years; it also recommends that you have your dentures relined to improve their fit. You may need to have them relined on a 3-5 year basis, or more frequently if your dentist feels the fit is badly wrong.

How Relining Helps

If you reline the base of your dentures, you can change their shape, creating a better fit to your mouth. Depending on the changes to your gums, you may be offered a hard or soft reline.

A hard reline creates an extra acrylic mould based on the current shape of your mouth. This is then fitted to your existing denture to make it fit better. If your dentures are making your mouth sore, a soft reline or liner may be a better option. Again, your dentist will create a mould of the base to your current gum shape, but will use a softer material, such as rubber, that may be more comfortable for you.

Tip: Don't assume that you can stop having dental check-ups once you start wearing dentures. You may not need to see your dentist as frequently, but it is still important to have your mouth and dentures checked. If you aren't sure how often to schedule a visit, ask your dentist.

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