Orthodontics: Important Information for Parents

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Children worry about many things as they transition from childhood to adulthood and among them are bad breath and their facial appearance. Teeth that cannot fit together correctly greatly impact on these two issues. It is harder to keep them clean, resulting in bad breath or worse still, early tooth decay and eventually teeth loss. Crooked teeth can also undermine one's appearance. Therefore, as a parent, it is important to check out on your child's dental condition to determine whether they need treatment or not. Orthodontic treatment will guarantee your child a more pleasing appearance, a healthier mouth, and teeth with a greater probability to last a lifetime.

Does Your Child Need Orthodontics?

The best person to determine whether your child can benefit from an orthodontist is your dentist. Your dentist will make this decision after a thorough examination of your child's dental history, and a series of X-rays to determine the plaster models of his/her teeth. Your child is a candidate for orthodontic treatment if they exhibit any of the following:

A combination of any of the above warrants a child for an orthodontist visit

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Depending on how severe your child's dental issues are, he/she can be subjected to either a fixed appliance method or a removable one. Common fixed appliances include popular braces and fixed space maintenance. The removable appliances include aligners, removable space maintainers, jaw re-positioning appliances, lip and cheek bumpers and removable retainers. Both the fixed and the removable appliances have the same operational principles. They assist in moving teeth, retraining muscles and controlling the growth of jaws. Always talk to your dentist to know which one best suits your child's dental condition.