What Are Your Available Options For Denture Adhesives?

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Your gums have a natural suction that helps hold your dentures in place. This is important and ensures that your dentures fit securely in your mouth. However, sometimes the dentures may become loose and start slipping. When this happens, you will need something to keep the dentures tightly fitting so that they function well and don't cause discomfort. As such, denture adhesives will usually help you fit the loose dentures. Denture adhesives can also be used to provide more stability to your well-fitting dentures. Therefore, it's important to understand the various types of these denture adhesives and how they function before making a decision on which one to use.

Denture Adhesive Creams

Denture adhesive creams are among the most common types of adhesives you will find. Adhesive creams or paste acts like a glue that creates a strong bond between the denture and your gum. These creams often provide the strongest grip of the dentures. However, you need to remove this glue from your dentures and mouth. When using these paste or cream adhesives, ensure you apply small amounts of the adhesive to the inside of your dentures after cleaning. In addition, the dentures should be dry, and you should always ensure that you don't use too much paste of\r cream because this can affect your occlusion, which is simply the manner in which your teeth fit together any time you bite down on something.

Dental Adhesive Wafers

Dental adhesive wafers are also known as sheets and are larger to cover a wider target surface, which means you can use them to reduce movements completely in a wide-fitting surface. For adhesive wafers, you will have to buy the sheets for both your lower and upper dentures. Adhesive wavers use double-stick sides to attach the dentures firmly to your gums. However, these types of adhesive may not be as strong as creams and can allow food particles to be trapped between your gums and the dentures.

Dental Adhesive Strips

If you are concerned about the cream removal process, strips are your ideal choice because they are very easy to remove and use. Strips offer extra cushioning between the dentures and your gums, enhancing their comfort. However, food can also be trapped between the dentures and your gums.

Dental Adhesive Powders

Powdered adhesives use the saliva in your mouth to form an adhesive paste. They are less messy and easy to clean because they easily wash off. Powders are also ideal for targeting the small areas but are not as strong as adhesive pastes.