Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Remedy Microdontia

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Microdontia is a dental condition that makes your teeth smaller than averaged sized teeth. These smaller sized teeth are also characterized by gaps in between them, thus giving the appearance of baby teeth. In adults, this may deal a huge blow to your self-confidence. However, opting to remedy microdontia is not simply for aesthetic reasons. Living with this condition could also impact your ability to chew food properly, and this could lead to the premature wearing of your teeth. If you would like to restore your teeth to an average size, here are some of the cosmetic procedure that you could opt for to remedy microdontia.

Dental composites to remedy microdontia

Dental composites refer to enamel coloured fillings that are popular in cosmetic dentistry, as they work to mimic the natural colouring of teeth. Dental composites contain a filler in the form of either quartz or glass. They tend to be resistant to fractures, making them a durable restorative treatment option. To remedy microdontia, the cosmetic dentist will bond the composite onto the front of the teeth. They will then mould it according to the natural shape of your teeth, taking note to increase their mass, which makes them appear larger than they really are.

Dental veneers to remedy microdontia

Dental veneers have thin, shell-like appearance. Since they are used to provide individual restorative dental treatments, these veneers are typically custom made to fit your own needs. Dental veneers are typically used on patients who have acquired cracked, chipped, decayed or stained teeth. However, they can also be used to remedy microdontia, as placing them on your tooth enamel will increase the size of your teeth. It should be noted that the cosmetic dentist might take off part of your original enamel so as to provide a better surface for the veneer to adhere onto. Once you have your veneers in place, your dentist may direct you to steer clear from certain beverages and foods so as to avoid them from discoloring, since dental veneers are a permanent restorative option.

Dental crowns to remedy microdontia

Another cosmetic procedure that can be used to increase the size of your teeth is dental crowns. Dental crowns are a popular option, as they also work toward strengthening the teeth they have been attached onto. Dental crowns can also be used to hold a dental bridge, making them a convenient option for patients who are not only suffering from microdontia but have missing teeth too. 

For more information about the best option for remedying microdontia, contact a local cosmetic dentistry clinic.