Restoring Youth to Your Smile the New Cosmetic Dentists Way

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A few decades ago, dentists were just doctors who uprooted teeth and the Botulinum toxin was just a paralytic from some bacteria. Fast forward to today and cosmetic dentistry can literally do wonders to your whole mouth while the same Botulinum toxin is now a beauty product. If you had imagined back then dentists would now be successfully mixing these two separate scientific worlds into a marvelous mix of art and perfection, you are probably a great thinker. Today's cosmetic dentistry has evolved and transcended simple veneers and bridges. Why fix the teeth only when you can fix both the teeth and the face? Thanks to cosmetic dentistry and Botox dermal fillers, your dentist can do just that.

Why a dentist for Botox?

Dentistry as a science teaches dentists the entire head and neck anatomy. These individuals are well versed with not only your mouth and teeth, but also the peri-oral and facial regions of your face. As more and more people take up Botox treatments on their faces, who else is better qualified at handling any procedures concerning these areas? If you think about it closely, dentists can also be said to be the main medical practitioners that administer the most injections in the facial area. Who else would you want to deliver those tiny needle pricks into specific areas around your forehead, eyes and lip muscles? Much as cosmetic dentistry alone can do wonders to your smile, a dentist is well capable of including Botox dermal filler in the equation to better structure your smile and new face appropriately.

Botox and dermal fillers

The action of Botox in muscle synapses can be explained as simply a blockage of synaptic transmission that makes the muscles not contract. This translates to the loss of wrinkles and smoothening of the skin in these areas. Dentists can use Botox to smoothen your mouth edges eliminating such stress signs that would make your facial features look old and worn. Another type of dermal filler used by many cosmetic dentists is Hyaluronic acid.

Fillers add volume to various portions of your face. As people age, collagen loss occurs in many facial regions. These areas deepen in lines and collapse producing the characteristic old age look. Fillers are injected directly into the skin to reduce this collapse and deepening of these lines, hence making the face look younger. Fillers have been used in cosmetic dentistry cases such as uneven lips, lip augmentation, and other cases involving marionette lines along your face.

Remember, you are better off getting Botox and filler injections from your dentist than several other people without extensive facial knowledge as dentists. What's more, your cosmetic dentist will best suit your face to your dental procedure and vice versa.