2 Top Tips for Achieving a Youthful Appearance at 40

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So, you've arrived at 40 -- supposedly, life begins from here. However, not everyone feels over the moon about the big 4-0, If this is you, remember that 40 is only a number -- it doesn't define you, it simply defines the number of years you've been alive. Also, the alternative to getting to 40 is not living for that long, ultimately, far worse. If that hasn't perked you up, maybe a bit of a makeover is in need. So, what should you do next? You may not be able to afford expensive cosmetic surgery -- you may not even want to go that far; the great news is you don't have to. Read on for less invasive things you can do that will help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

Take Better Care of Your Fragile Hair

Many people get their first grey hairs before they are 40 -- you may already be dyeing your hair to cover the signs of ageing. Alas, greying isn't the only change your hair goes through as you age -- you may also notice your hair getting dull and brittle. An excellent way to counter this is to change the way you wash and handle your hair.

If you're finding your hair looks dull, you should modify the way you wash it. Using too much shampoo can strip your hair of lipids, resulting in dull hair. Use a smaller amount of shampoo and focus on your scalp and the roots of your hair. Make sure you rinse your hair for at least a minute after shampooing to ensure that you remove all residue -- residual shampoo can make your hair look dull. If brittle hair is a concern, you can limit breakage by not brushing your hair when it's wet. Instead, when you apply your conditioner, use a wide tooth comb to untangle your hair before rinsing. Allow it to dry with minimum heat; heat can cause damage to fragile hair. When dyeing your hair, dye only the roots and comb the mixture through the remaining hair for the last five minutes. This will limit breakage due to brittle, damaged hair.

Don't Let Your Teeth Give Your Age Away

As you age, you may find your teeth go through changes. With staining or teeth movement, they may be giving away your age more than you'd like. However, these issues can be fixed. If your teeth are less than straight, due to not having them straightened as a child or movement that has happened over the years, you could treat yourself to adult braces. If you'd like braces but loathe the thought of wires on your teeth, you can go for Invisalign. This type of system offers a nearly invisible alternative to the traditional metal braces associated with unhappy children.

If stained teeth are your concern, you may be able to whiten them with a good teeth whitening toothpaste. If you see no improvement, speak to your dentist about teeth whitening treatments. Some can be used alongside the Invisalign aligners, killing two birds with one stone.