Dental Misalignment: Comparing Your Malocclusion Treatment Options

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The misalignment of teeth is a common problem which is caused by hereditary disorders and poor oral habits. Often, the misalignment does not cause any notable deviations in terms of appearance and function of the teeth. If this is your case, treatment of the dental malocclusion is not necessary. Unfortunately, mild to severe crookedness of teeth can occur, limiting the effectiveness of the teeth. This also compromises the general facial aesthetics. If you have this form of misalignment, you should seek immediate treatment. There are multiple realignment options for both children and adults. Here is a short comparison of the most popular treatment options for dental misalignment.

Clear Alignment Trays

The usage of clear alignment trays like Invisalign in dental misalignment treatment has increased significantly since the inception of the option. This technique uses customised trays which are made in a continuous series. In general, you will be required to wear each unit for a predetermined duration. Once it fulfils its purpose and repositions your teeth, you can move to the next unit. You should consider using alignment trays if you would like to have a discreet treatment program.

In simple terms, these plastic trays will not be visible, so you can go about your daily activities without being self-conscious. In addition, they are easy to keep clean because they are removable. On the other hand, aligners such as Invisalign can be costly. Therefore, you must plan carefully for the financial implications of the treatment process.

Traditional Metal Braces

If you have severe malocclusion, you should choose treatment using traditional metal braces. They are highly effective for complex dental issues, particularly when compared to the less aggressive aligner treatment. As implied, traditional braces are made using a metal wire and corresponding brackets, which are fixed on the teeth to change their position. These are usually not removable, so the success will not depend on personal discipline.

In general, regular adjustments of the metal braces will be required to ensure progress of the treatment. The advantages of metal braces include their low cost, high efficiency and lack of special cleaning requirements. Unfortunately, they are highly prominent after installation. In addition, some people experience discomfort after the initial placement of the braces.

Ceramic Braces

The construction of ceramic braces is similar to that of the aforementioned metal braces. However, this uses ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured brace wire instead of the prominent stainless-steel alternative. With this option, you will enjoy the effectiveness of traditional alignment braces without the prominent appearance of metal against teeth.