When and Why You Should See Your Family Dentist

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Adults are usually advised to see a family dentist every year, and sometimes even more often than that, depending on their overall oral health and if they have increased risk factors for tooth decay and damage. Your dentist or even your family doctor can tell you the best schedule for checkups and routine cleanings and exams, but note when you want to see your dentist even between those appointments, and why regular exams may be even more important for you in particular.

Speech impediment

If you have a speech impediment, you might see a speech therapist, as you may need to simply relearn certain sounds and pronunciations, or you may need help with issues like calming yourself so that you don't stutter. However, some speech impediments may be caused by severe overbites or misaligned teeth, so that the mouth cannot move freely in order to speak easily. If a speech therapist determines that it's not a matter or learning or relearning speech patterns, consult with a dentist and note if he or she recommended orthodontics or other methods of aligning your teeth, for easier and more fluent speech.

Your diet

 If you drink a lot of fizzy sodas, eat lots of citrus fruit, or eat and drink foods or beverages that very sugary, including fruit juices, you want to see your dentist more often than most people. Carbonated sodas, citric acid from fruit, and all types of sugar can wear away the enamel of your teeth, so that they become more prone to chipping, cracking, and cavities. If you know that this describes your diet, see your dentist often for a full exam and for personalized recommendations on changes you can make to protect your teeth.


If you're embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth for any reason, it's good to talk to your dentist. Even a family dentist can often bleach or paint teeth so that they're pearly white, or may fill in cracks and chips in the teeth that cause them to be unsightly.

It's especially important to visit your dentist if the condition of your teeth gets worse over time; he or she should fill in those cracks before they get so severe that you actually lose part of the tooth, and should bleach the teeth before stains set in and become too difficult to cover. These simple procedures may be more affordable than you realize, and can ensure that you're no longer self-conscious about your teeth or your overall appearance.