Ways to Reduce Wisdom Teeth Pain

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Not everyone will experience their wisdom teeth growing through, but many of those who do describe it as feeling painful. A lot of patients choose to have them removed, but in the intermediary period, you'll need to know how to manage the pain. There are lots of ways you can do so at home or by seeking help from your family dentist

Turn to anti-inflammatories

As long as you don't have a condition that prevents you from using them, you can turn to anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen to combat wisdom teeth pain. As a short-term measure, Ibuprofen can reduce the chemicals that promote inflammation when your wisdom teeth start making their way through your gums. To ensure you protect your stomach when using it, only take it after eating a meal. If you're considering long-term use, discuss taking a stomach protecting medication with your doctor.

Inquire about numbing gel

Next time you discuss your protruding wisdom teeth with your family dentist, ask them if using a benzocaine numbing gel is appropriate. Such gels numb the immediate area temporarily, providing the same type of feeling as a mild local anaesthetic. If you do use a gel, try drying the target area using a clean cloth first to prevent it from moving to other areas of your mouth. This should make the pain relief more effective.

Use external aids such as ice packs

In some cases the culprit teeth can cause inflammation to spread through your jaw, resulting in throbbing painful sensations. Much like when you injure a joint, applying an ice pack to the area can bring the inflammation down by narrowing the blood vessels slightly. Aim for 15 minutes with the ice pack on and 15 minutes with it off. You may find that the cool feeling temporarily distracts you from painful sensations.

Try saltwater for banishing bacteria

As your teeth break through your gums, they cause small wounds that could act as a port of entry for bacteria. Although you can't rid your mouth of germs altogether, you can maintain a strict oral hygiene routine. Complement your usual brushing and flossing activities with the use of a homemade saltwater solution. Saltwater can cleanse the area surrounding your wisdom teeth of bacteria, which then reduces your chances of developing a painful infection.

If you find that your wisdom teeth become too difficult to manage at home, contact your family dentist to discuss treatment options.