Reasons You Shouldn't Wear Ill-Fitting Dentures

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One of the most popular solutions you can consider if you have missing teeth is denture placement. Dentures, whether full or partial, have the ability to improve your speaking ability, confidence, and self-esteem. They also make it easier to engage in different activities such as eating and talking, and that's why it is essential to ensure they fit appropriately.

However, you may start to experience some uncomfortable sensations if your dentures aren't well-fitted. If you begin to experience burning sensations or pain in the mouth, denture movement whenever you chew or speak, bleeding, wounds or inflammation in your mouth, bad breath or unpleasant mouth taste, then it's a good sign that your dentures need to be refitted. Poorly-fitted dentures can cause health problems, and that's why dentists recommend that you get denture repairs right away. This will assist you to avoid the following problems:

Eating complications

Poor-fitting dentures will make it difficult to eat some foods since you will be experiencing pain whenever you chew. How will you swallow your food if you cannot chew properly? If you swallow food without chewing it properly, you'll have problems with your digestion system resulting in low energy, heartburn and constipation. Some people choose to avoid foods that are difficult to chew. However, that's not a perfect solution to the problem since it will be difficult for you to maintain a balanced diet. Consider asking your dentist to repair the ill-fitting dentures so you can enjoy a wider array of food.

Gum soreness

If you choose to wear dentures that don't fit the contours of your mouth correctly, your gums will swell. This occurs when the dentures rub against your gum tissue. If the rubbing continues, the gum tissue will be inflamed, and you'll experience soreness and sensitivity.

Speech difficulties

Although it takes time to get used to speaking while wearing dentures, your pronunciation should improve with time. This is one of the main reasons people choose to wear dentures: to improve their speaking abilities. However, if your dentures do not fit correctly, it will be challenging to have a conversation or pronounce words correctly. The dentures will slip out of place due to the mouth movements. Additionally, it will not be easy to laugh in public since the dentures might slip. So visit your dentist immediately when you realise the dentures don't fit.

After the repairs, you will enjoy the benefits of wearing dentures once more. Contact a dentist near you today in order to learn more.