3 Advantages of Professional Denture Repairs

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Dentures are quite durable, but accidentally dropping them or biting too forcefully into a hard nut or candy can cause them to break. Some people claim you can fix a broken set of dentures using glue, but it is always better to see a dentist who can carry out a professional repair. The following reasons explain why denture repair is definitely not a do-it-yourself job.

1. Household Glues Can Be Toxic or Irritating

You should never use household glue on something that you put into your mouth every day. Some glues contain harmful chemicals that could put your health at risk if you ingest them every day. Even glues that have non-toxic ingredients can cause stomach aches as they gradually dissolve into your saliva, and you swallow them. They can also cause irritation to the gums and the inside of the mouth.

2. DIY Denture Repairs Rarely Last For Long

Many types of glue that people use around the house are water-soluble, which means that they will soon break down in your mouth even if the repair feels firm at first. Enzymes in saliva can break down even some non-water-soluble glues, causing your dentures to fail again. This can be embarrassing or even dangerous if it happens while you are eating.

Professional denture repairs last much longer because the materials dentists use are much more durable and able to stand up to the environment inside the mouth. Rather than wasting time and money on a home repair using materials that cannot last for long, schedule an appointment with a dentist to ensure that you get the long-lasting repair you need.

3. Professional Repairs Are A Lot More Comfortable

Even if your home denture repair does not quickly fail, it is unlikely to feel as comfortable as professional repair work. When you repair dentures using household glues, it is common for them to become rigid and brittle, limiting their ability to flexibly mold to your gums and provide a perfect fit. In addition, you are likely to notice an irritating ridge at the point where the glue joins the two broken pieces of the dentures together.

Rather than putting yourself through discomfort or putting your health at risk, get your dentures repaired by a professional dentist. If money is a concern, ask about payment plans that can help you to spread the cost to make it more manageable.