Bad Teeth or Dentures: Which Is Better?

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If you are considering dentures, then your teeth are probably in poor condition. Broken and rotten teeth make eating difficult and can leave you in constant pain. However, you might have heard the same thing about dentures. If so, that has probably left you wondering whether it is worth replacing your bad teeth with dentures. Once your teeth are gone, they are gone forever. That's a scary thought.

However, despite what you might have heard about dentures, they are certainly better than bad teeth.

Dentures Will Improve Your Breath

One of the standout problems with broken or rotten teeth is bad breath. This is because bad teeth tend to be open to the elements of your mouth, such as food debris and oral bacteria. When food debris lodges in broken teeth, it begins to rot. Within a day, your breath begins to stink.

Bacteria do much the same thing when they invade the nooks and crannies of bad teeth. And if those bacterial organisms cause an infection in your bad teeth, which is quite common, your breath will smell even worse. Dentures don't cause your breath to stink. In fact, as long as you keep them clean, your breath should be pleasant, without signs of infection or rotting food.

Dentures Will Help You Eat Normally

Eating with bad teeth means favouring certain teeth over others simply because they aren't as damaged. Doing this only worsens the damage to your remaining teeth. In addition, the muscles on your favoured side of your face will become more defined than those on the less favoured side, leading to facial asymmetry. And, bad teeth mean you can't always eat what you want.

However, you can correct all of those issues by replacing your bad teeth with dentures. Dentures will allow you to eat what you want while helping you to keep your facial muscles in balance.

Dentures Mean No More Pain

You'll probably agree that eating with bad teeth often leaves you in agony, especially if you suffer from regular tooth and gum infections. Pain can leave you avoiding mealtime, and thus affect your health negatively. Although you will experience some pain while your gums heal over the first few weeks, once you get used to your dentures, there should be no pain while you eat or speak.

Are you tired of living with bad teeth? Is your health suffering because bad teeth are limiting your diet and eating habits? Then consider replacing your bad teeth with dentures. To learn more about dentures, contact a dentist in your area.