3 Reasons You Might Need to See a Dentist For Emergency Denture Repairs

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If you recently got dentures, you might be having several challenges adjusting to life with them. Some of the smaller issues you will have to deal with include gum inflammation, swelling and difficulties adjusting to eating with them. However, if you follow the guidelines given to you by the dentist, it should be easy to navigate these simple initial challenges. Pain medication, eating soft foods, and soothing your gums will help you ease this initial pain and adjust to living with the dentures.

However, there are more significant problems that might ruin your dentures. Here are three types of denture damage that will require you to enlist the help of a competent dentist.

1. When You Drop the Dentures

Dentures are made of composite materials and ceramic. Although they resemble natural teeth when in the mouth, they are not as strong and should always be handled with care. If you drop your dentures when wearing or removing them, they might crack or break completely.

Don't make the mistake of trying to glue the dentures back together because the small cracks can seriously injure your gums. Take the dentures back to the dentist immediately. They will assess the damage and decide whether to repair them or replace them for you.

2. Sleeping With the Dentures

You are supposed to remove your dentures when going to bed. This is the only time you have to soak them in the denture solution. The solution cleans the surface of the dentures, kills any bacteria present, and prevents the formation of plaque.

If you have not been letting your dentures rest, they are probably discoloured or even damaged. They might need a professional inspection, cleaning, and repair. Visit a dentist to help clean the dentures and restore their healthy and clean state.

3. Cleaning the Dentures With Toothpaste

A natural tooth is covered with enamel. This is the hardest substance on the human body. It can easily resist stains, corrosion, and other damage from chemicals in toothpaste. Dentures, on the other hand, are made of different materials. These materials may not be tough enough to resist corrosion from some chemicals in toothpaste.

If you have been using toothpaste on your dentures and they have developed problems, it is time to seek denture repairs. Visit a denture repair clinic for help restoring your dentures.

All these are denture problems that can easily be fixed with the help of a competent denture clinic. Visit a clinic as soon as you notice damage on your dentures as this will prolong their life.